Permit Expediting and other services

We offer a diverse array of services. Whether you need someone to expedite permit applications, manage a project or conduct ADA surveys, we have the expertise to help. The best way to learn about our services is to schedule a consultation. Here are just a few of the areas in which we excel:


Want to know if a future project is feasible at an identified site? We can create a Site Investigation Report, which outlines the crucial aspects of the project: jurisdictional approval process, development costs, utility availability and much more. We will research and identify hidden costs and issues that could potentially hold up your project. From utility coordination to access issues, we research it all! Our Site Investigation Report will also serve as a guide to confidently navigate through the development process.


Permit Solutions has a proven track record of confidently managing all aspects of permitting. From building permits and trade permits, to solar permits and EPA utility permits, Permit Solutions can conquer any challenge you face. While you look forward to breaking ground, let us utilize our relationships and experience to seek out all the necessary approvals for your project.

ADA Compliance Consulting

Do you need an ADA survey to determine your facility’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Need a transition plan to address existing areas of non-compliance? Want a consultation on constructing an ADA compliant facility? Permit Solutions is able to assist in all aspects of ADA compliance and barrier remediation.

Planning & Zoning Representation

Seeking approval through legislative boards such as planning commissions, design historic review boards and city councils can be challenging and time-consuming. But, with our staff’s experience, we can efficiently and effectively help you understand and navigate these approval processes to get your project one step closer to construction.

Project Management or Pre-Construction Management

Managing permits and approvals for a multi-site roll-out program, coordinating construction drawings and keeping a realistic ground break date can be tough. At Permit Solutions, we establish processes to effectively and efficiently manage projects across the nation. We will work with you to identify realistic milestones in order for your project to run smoothly and successfully.


Permit Solutions will identify and coordinate all utilities to accommodate your project’s proposed design. Utility constraints will be investigated, and acceptable solutions will be determined in order to prevent any issues with development.

and more!


At Permit Solutions, we specialize in open, honest communication. We don’t just earn your business through stunning results; we earn your trust. You should work with us because we nurture strong relationships with the construction project gatekeepers. We know who to contact, what to say and when to say it.

If you’re ready for stress-free permit applications, then schedule a consultation.

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